Counseling for Weight Loss

Weight loss is an important issue to many Americans. The struggle to keep a healthy weight and active lifestyle is common among busy people. Oftentimes, the struggle is due to a lack of support that the person receives while undertaking a program in personal improvement.

A study published in March in the Journal of the American Medical Association speaks of this and the importance of proper emotional support needed by people in weight loss programs.

Published by the Duke University Medical Center, over 1000 participants participated in a weight loss program. The group was followed over a period of two years in terms of how they maintained their weight loss.

Although at the end of the study, almost all participants gained some weight back, those who obtained personal counseling gained back the least amount of weight, followed by a second group of those who received internet-based support. A third group was given only basic information on how to maintain weight loss, and this group gained back the most amount of weight.

This study speaks to the importance of receiving appropriate emotional support when going through major life changes such as committing to a weight loss program.

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