Gary Breuer, MA, LPC



"I appreciate everything you have taught me, I would definitely not be the person I am today without your help!"


"I do think that your counseling helped A TON. Especially with [his] self esteem and talking through his feelings. Thank you for all you've done for [him] and our family... You've meant a lot to him."


"Gary was by far the most helpful and understanding therapist I've seen. Without his help, I would not have made it where I am now..."


"Gary encouraged me to take action & was a fantastic coach."


"I very much enjoyed working with Gary. I don't go any more, but I know my relationship with my girlfriend is much stronger because of therapy. He gave us many tools that have helped us already and will help us as we stay together. Thank you Gary!!!"


"Gary was an exceptional therapist. I was extremely pleased with my therapy sessions."


"Gary...I just want to also say thank you. [My son] came home...and was a different person. That was my old son back. You have no idea how good that made me feel... Thanks again Gary for your help and support. You do an awesome job with [my son] and as a parent it is truly appreciated..."


"Gary is very easy to share thoughts with, he's positive, and is able to give ideas and different ways and approaches to a situation of our relationship and able to show us how our young teen may be "seeing" things which we never would have thought of."


"Gary... THANK YOU so much for all of your help with my family, things are really getting a lot better... we have done such a better job of talking issues out together since seeing you! We are both really thankful for how much you have improved the communication in our relationship....I am sure that you help a ton of people every day, but I wanted to make sure to remind you! You really make a difference! ...Thanks!"


"Gary has been a great resource and extremely helpful for our son and our entire family."


"Gary was very good dealing with my son. He could relate to what he was going thru. I would recommend him highly."


  "Gary, I will always remember...that you helped me get through the toughest time of my life. I hope I was a good patient, and provided a couple of laughs along the way....I will keep you in mind in the future if the need arises, and recommend you if anyone I know could use some counseling."


"Hi Gary: I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for everything you have done for [my son]... He has come a long way and couldn't have done it without your help...Thanks again Gary!"


"Gary...I do want to thank you for your help. You are incredibly easy to talk with and your guidance and advice has been spot on. I wish you continued success and commit to reaching out to you should I feel a need to in the future...All the best"


"Dear Gary, Thank you for the wonderful assistance and support you have provided for our family during this past difficult year. Your help is greatly appreciated. God's blessings to you always..."


"Gary was extremely professional and helpful during a very difficult situation. He knew when to advise and when to let me speak to draw things out. I am very grateful to him for his help."


"Exceptionally friendly and did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and at ease."


"I learned a lot of techniques and skills to help me manage my anxiety and loneliness. I feel so much better today than I did when I began therapy! Thank you Gary"


"You are a very kind person and a talented therapist; I wish you all the best. I appreciate all the progress we have made, and will always be grateful for your help and our time together."


"I wanted to say thank you so much for the time that you spent with [my husband] and I, and especially with me, I really, really appreciated it and it certainly has opened up communication channels for [my husband] and I that really has led us to this point and I wanted to say thank you. You've certainly made a difference with me and with our family so I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that asks. So again thank you very much. Take care and thank you."


"Gary helped me to release the emotional trauma related to the end of my 27-year marriage with relative ease through the use of EMDR techniques. I was absolutely amazed, not to mention relieved! If you are having trouble "letting go," like I was, I highly recommend that you contact Gary for his professional assistance."


"Gary was absolutely invaluable in helping me work through a slew of familial and psychological issues throughout high school, and his uniquely non-judgmental, patient, and understanding approach allowed me to go on to a four year university and graduate school, a feat which surely would not have been possible without the base he helped me create in my adolescent and teenage years. Between the environment he creates for his clients and his willingness and ability to work with family members, school counselors, and other care team members (upon request), he is beyond proficient in providing for his clients the type of specialized, comprehensive, and flexible care that each case or period of time in one's life may require."


"Very helpful and rewarding experience and we appreciated the extra time and attention you provided us..."


“Gary has a very calming, laid-back demeanor that expresses caring and sincerity.”


“We believe that Gary has helped [our son] a great deal. He is much more confident with improved self-esteem.”


“My son has been in therapy before and claimed nothing worked. He was hesitant to try again. He feels the strategies and therapy sessions are helping this time, so it has been a positive experience...”


“You helped me incredibly.”


“Much gratitude for your generosity, insight & support throughout this year - quite the life line too.”

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