Terminating Therapy

This is a topic that is very vital in a therapeutic relationship. As with any transition, while in therapy, it is important to have this discussion with one's therapist.

In the beginning and throughout the course of therapy, there can be a variety of treatment goals in place. The meeting of those goals is crucial to promoting the emotional and psychological health and well-being of the client.

Once those goals are met, it may become time to have a discussion about ending treatment at that time or in the near future. A therapist will usually have a good idea when the time is on the horizon for ending treatment and is skilled in addressing that issue with the client.

Clients oftentimes will also sense this time is approaching. However, some clients may have a fear of letting the therapist know that they intend to end treatment and may just drop out without informing the therapist.

Be aware that the therapist is here for you and the process is in place to help you feel better. A therapist will not react negatively if you feel you are finished with treatment, need a break from treatment, or feel there isn't a connection between client and therapist. A therapist wants for you to see the person that will help you the most (i.e. specialty, gender, etc.).

It is important to be aware that oftentimes during therapy an uncomfortable topic or topics are addressed. This is very common. Remember that a person doesn't enter therapy because everything is going right in their lives. Painful topics are explored and a therapist will often challenge belief systems that are contributing to the problem.

Therapy is best received with an open mind. Be patient with yourself and with the process. If you are concerned about an aspect of treatment, are uncomfortable, or are unsure about where the process is at or is heading, it is important to speak with the therapist about it.

Open communication with a therapist in a safe environment will help clients to be better prepared to address similar issues with others in their lives as well.

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