Spring Cleaning

As the season of spring is upon us, we begin to enjoy the warmer days and increased hours of sunlight. We enjoy hearing the sounds of birds singing in the trees and the trees beginning to bloom. As the remaining snow melts and we are ready to put our winter jackets away, most of us are ready for change, and can again remember what the changes of seasons signify: Change and rebirth.

The changing of the seasons and the balance of nature occur naturally. This natural cycle can be a reminder to look again at one's own life and ask what is to be learned or acquired in this season of our lives.

This idea of change and new birth is a new time to make changes and take account of our lives. As spring brings a newfound energy in the air, you may again ponder taking that class that has always interested you or may feel motivated to once again take up exercise.

As we clean our basements and attics and sweep out those cobwebs, we can consider the benefits of sweeping out the cobwebs preventing us from enjoying full physical and mental health. This could include getting that medical checkup that is overdue, getting your eyes checked, going to the dentist, or arrange to correct an old behavior or relationship problem.

Usually, unlike nature, problems just do not take care of themselves. Procrastination or pretending problems do not exist will not solve them. A resolution doesn't only need to occur during the new year.

Be open to the possibilities of this new season of your life by asking yourself "What will make my life more fulfilling?" or "What is something I've always wanted to try" or "What is something that is overdue that I need to solve or take care of to enjoy life more fully?"

With each day that passes, another day is lost.

Make the most of your life by honoring the present moment... Today.

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