Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is also known as Social Phobia. It is a fear of being in social situations where a person may be exposed to unfamiliar people and/or possible scrutiny by others.

The person fears that he will do something that is humiliating or embarrassing. The individual becomes so anxious about the possibility of such situations that he will try to avoid social situations or will encounter them with extreme anxiety, which may include panic attacks. The person struggling with Social Anxiety actually knows that his fears are irrational but often does not know how to overcome them.

Social Anxiety becomes a problem when it begins to interfere with normal functioning in daily routines, work/school, or relationships. Social Anxiety affects children, adolescents and adults.

Social Anxiety is a treatable disorder. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is the most common method used to treat Social Anxiety. A trained therapist will help a client challenge faulty belief patterns and help replace them with reality-based thinking. This process involves helping the client to eventually boost his confidence level and feel more comfortable and at ease with himself as well as in social situations.

A referral to a physician for medication is also a sought-after solution for many, which can be a compliment for those also addressing issues of Social Anxiety in therapy.

Each person is different, and therefore treatment plans should be designed to meet the unique needs of the individual.

If you feel you or a loved one may be struggling with Social Anxiety, contact us today for an assessment so that we may assist you in developing an appropriate treatment plan.

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