Sex Therapy

It is common for many psychotherapists to see couples who are struggling with sexual problems. Oftentimes, clients are initially most worried about the physiological (or physical) component of their sex lives (or lack thereof) when they present to therapy.

While it is a very important step to always rule out any medical issues, it is often uncovered during psychotherapy that deeper underlying issues, such as lack of emotional closeness or intimacy in the relationship, are often the root of sexual dissatisfaction. Especially for women, emotional closeness is a stepping stone to physical intimacy.

Sometimes, individual as well as relationship issues need to be resolved before emotional intimacy can be achieved. A lack of trust, a past affair, past abuse, conflict in regards to parenting, or any other underlying resentment are examples of issues that, if not addressed or resolved, will be a roadblock to emotional intimacy.

In a relationship, it is important to consider the factors that are hindering emotional intimacy or a lack of connectedness.

Through therapy, once individuals and couples are able to identify barriers and make a commitment to themselves and each other to resolve those barriers, communication improves, they become closer and most likely enjoy an improvement in their sex lives.

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