Seeking a Medication Evaluation

When is it a good time to seek a medication evaluation and who can prescribe medication? This can be confusing for anyone who hasn't previously sought out mental health treatment.

Psychotropic medication can assist with the treatment of many psychological issues/disorders. Medication can be used solely to treat some disorders or can be helpful in "taking the edge off" and make it easier to function when dealing with difficult issues.

Medical doctors (M.D.s, D.O.s) are physicians who are authorized to prescribe medication.

A family doctor can prescribe such medication. However, if a client is looking for a more specialized approach and is facing a complicated mental health issue, it is sometimes recommended to consider a referral to a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrists are also physicians but specialize in mental health disorders. Oftentimes, psychiatrists and family doctors are hesitant to treat mental health disorders with medication alone and thus recommend psychotherapy.

Sometimes it is recommended that clients consider medication. However, medication and therapy together oftentimes is the best prescription to treat many psychological disorders.

If you are considering a medication evaluation, we would be happy to talk with you about your options and be able to offer you a referral resource.

We are also available to consult with your physician as to be able to approach your treatment as team to be able to provide you with the best care.

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