Re-Entry into Therapy: Selecting an Appropriate Clinician

Clients who have received psychotherapy services in the past sometimes decide to return to therapy when a new issue arises in their lives. Some are confused whether or not to see their former therapist or to start therapy with a different therapist.

It is important to take account of the particular concerns you are having. Like any other professional, therapists work within the scope of their education, training, and experience. You may wish to connect with your prior therapist to ask if they specialize in working with your particular current issue(s).

If your former therapist works with the issue(s) of concern and you felt comfortable and worked well with him or her, it may be advisable to work with him/her again if you experienced successful results.

If that therapist doesn't work with your present concerns or isn't taking new clients, ask for the name of another professional they might recommend.

If your therapist has moved out of the area, ask friends or relatives who they might recommend for a consultation. In this case, you may also wish to contact another therapist in your area to obtain recommendations.

What is crucial is the ability to feel comfortable with the therapist who specializes with your area of concern.

Too often, clients assume therapists all have the same backgrounds. Successful therapy is determined not only by the qualifications of the therapist, but also for the client to be comfortable enough with the therapist for the client to open up to the therapist and discuss sensitive issues.

As clinicians, we are happy to consult with you to assess current concerns, and to connect you with the appropriate therapist and/or support network.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Goodness of fit is essential for optimal treatment outcomes.

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