Parent-Teacher Communication

Parents love and care for their children, but oftentimes don't know how or what to communicate to teachers. Sometimes parents may be confused as to academic expectations or developmentally appropriate behaviors. You obviously want your child to succeed, do their best, be healthy and develop strong skills and meaningful friendships.

Below are a few tips as to how to communicate with teachers in order to help your child succeed.

Be Proactive

Early on, introduce yourself to your child's teacher and open the lines of communication. This way, you will have a working relationship with the teacher in place, before any problem may arise. This is much easier than being reactive and having to spend more time and energy in order to solve an already existing problem.

Be an Advocate for Your Child

Communicate early to teachers any academic or social concerns you may have for your child. Don't wait to until it's time for parent-teacher conferences or until report card time.

Don't Be Intimidated

If a teacher or school counselor uses terms or language that you don't understand, ask for clarification. Teachers and counselors know that you love and care about your child and they want your child to succeed, but they also want for you to succeed as a parent.

Work as A Team

Ask your child how you can help him or her succeed. Also, ask the teacher or school counselor for recommendations to try at home. If you are all on the same page, this will increase the chances for your child's success. If there is miscommunication or resentment on the part of anyone, your child is the one who could suffer. Always try to make it a win-win situation for your child.

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