Help for a Loved One's Drinking

Many family members struggle with the concern that a loved one may be suffering with an alcohol or drug addiction. Abuse or addiction can take many forms, including alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication, and tobacco.

Chemical makeup can make people more susceptible to becoming addicted to a substance (for example, if there is a family history of abuse or dependence). Others may form an addiction as a means of dealing with complicated life stressors such as problems on the job, marital or relationship problems, or the death of a loved one.

It's important to note that alcohol and drug dependence is a serious disease and should be treated as such. Therefore, only a qualified healthcare professional should assess the severity of the problem in order to ensure the person is connected with the proper level of care.

There are varying levels of treatment available for individuals struggling with substance abuse; most are covered under major insurance plans.

Please contact us today if you have any concerns about a loved one struggling with substance abuse.

We will ensure they get the help they need as well as be able to assist other family members affected by the problem.

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