Getting Others to Change

Change is a complex process as we must first understand the person and their background and life circumstances which contribute to the person they are today, and why change may be difficult.

Generally speaking, you may have observed how difficult it is to try to force others to change in any human relationship. In intimate relationships, differences or disagreements often create power struggles and, thus, individuals' refusal to change.

It is important to consider what your motivation may be for wanting another person to change. Oftentimes, we find that others aren't ready to change. Thus, some people in relationships fear ultimately finding out that relationship may not be a healthy one or that two people ultimately aren't meant to be together.

Lack of self-esteem, fear of being alone, or worry about what others might think are common worries that keep many people in unhealthy relationships.

Alternatively, ask yourself, how can I change?

Therapy can assist you in this process by helping you identify what is in your control, be it ending an unhealthy relationship, learning about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, how to avoid unhealthy relationships, and how to attract healthy ones.

You may find that your partner is not ready to make changes, and, although this can cause you hurt, know that you have the power to change.

We wish you all the best in your relationships and are here to assist you when the complexities of relationships arise.

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