Career Counseling

During this time of economic hardship, people are worried about the stability of their jobs. Many are seeking or are considering career counseling services from professionals in an effort to develop a plan of potential options if they face a job loss.

As therapists, we understand that career uncertainty is one of the aspects of people's lives that greatly impacts other areas of their lives. A person's career is an important component which contributes to one's level of satisfaction in their lives, or at least a significant part of their lives that can give them a sense of meaning or purpose.

You are not alone if you are fearful about your job future; we have seen many new clients recently who want help finding new paths.

Career counseling is helpful in that it takes a comprehensive view of a person's career development process and how it contributes to their career choices and present career position.

Furthermore, career assessments provide valuable information as to one's personality style as well as their interests and aptitudes. This assessment process is very much appreciated by those who go through the process as they often find out they have skills in areas that they never even considered in the past.

In an effort to feel better prepared in these uncertain economic times, it may be beneficial to consider a career assessment in an effort to have a wider outlook of potential career areas.

Our staff is trained to work with you and offer an assessment at your convenience.

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