Anxiety in Difficult Economic Times

We are frequently asked about anxiety in these difficult economic times. During difficult economic times, it is important to recognize that many people lack a feeling of control, which can in turn, increase their anxiety as they are uncertain about their futures and those of their families. But what can a person do during uncertain times to reduce anxiety?

It's often easy to forget that even in prosperous economic times, there is still uncertainty. Furthermore, there is uncertainty in every aspect of daily life. You may be very familiar with the experience of having daily plans set in the morning but rarely the day turned out exactly as planned.

Well-adjusted persons are skilled at feeling a sense of peace and serenity no matter what circumstances present in their lives. In this regard, they are able to be accepting of each moment, whether that moment presents with joy or pain.

They understand that everything is in a state of change and that nothing is permanent. They are able to live in the present moment. Further, they are able to experience gratitude for those things they have, however simple those may be.

By experiencing this, one can feel a sense of control, perhaps not over the state of the economy, but to how one decides to react to what is. Thus, one realizes that nothing can steal their inner-peace and inner-power.

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